A New Way, A New Road

Hey, my name’s João Pedro(it sounds like John), I’m brazilian, 21 years old and I’ve just started the Basics HTML. I hope I don’t give up or “forget” this beautiful project.

Don’t you guys think how insane it is having a gold mine right here and people around you just don’t know or symply don’t have interest on taking a look?

Still, it’s hard to keep my own mind, focused, doing the right thing : start and finish what I’ve started.

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@jpcollege0101 Coding is awesome isn’t it! I love it. Happy Coding! :smile:

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Hi @jpcollege0101!

Welcome to the forum!

If you are are interested in sharing your first project with the forum we would be happy to take a look.


Hey João,

nice to meet you! :wave:

What are you currently working on?

I’m learning how to walk when it turns to html, so everything I’m on is in a basic level yet :), but thanks for that!

At this moment I’m looking forward to don’t flunk this term in my college and more than that, dive in html and design :slight_smile:

As I already developed my design skills(I’ve did a graphic design course) and I’ve worked as a graphic designer, I find the visual process fascinating.

What about you?

That sounds great!

I’m currently working on an web platform to publish my knowledge. Starting with my knowledge about JavaScript. Should go live in some weeks with some beta testers.

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