A Nice UI Colors Generator

After reading this article by Jonathan White at Medium about UI design and colors, I started looking around for other design resources.

I use Paletton a lot, but check out this site, Coolors.

Hit the spacebar in the generator to automatically generator a new color theme. It’s pretty nice. Does anyone else have any tips about coming up with nice UI patterns for the sites you are building?

As a side note but still related to color resources, [this is the coolest 404 page I’ve ever seen] (https://www.materialui.co/404) (make sure your sound is up).


That Coolors site is really handy, a quick solution you can try out. Thanks for the link.
But that 404 page, ugh… don’t get me wrong but it is not cool at all. Can you imagine if you hit that page a few times in one day with volume or headphones up? Not cool, not at all.

https://color.adobe.com/ is useful also.

Here’s another tool for making palettes, it’s super simple http://colorsupplyyy.com/ - pick a primary, pick the relation of colors you want and the slider then controls saturation (and something else). I love it for how dead simple it is.

Then there’s http://www.lolcolors.com/ which is a curated palette collection.

On that 404 i’m inclined to agree with TironAndric, it’s something out of a nightmare.