A petition for civic medal for Quincy Larson - I'm serious

Hey Campers,

We all know Quincy Larson here. He’s the creator of FreeCodeCamp.com, this forum, and for the most - this community.

We take it all for granted, this incredible amount of work, of not only Quincy, but all who contribute to the site every single day, from creating new challenges for future developers, to a quick post helping a new guy, having hard time closing an HTML tag.

I know stories that are being posted on forum and gitter from time to time. This website is a life changer for so many! Switching careers, changing life paths. Sometimes even saving from unemployment, which would have a domino effect on many families - because yes, there are many users with families to take care of, and programming made them able to provide for them. And trying new career path through learning programming has never been so easy as it is, thanks to Quincy and others.

This is so much work I think we as users should do something. Maybe we should open a patreon account and asks Quincy or somebody else who admins the site to put it in a visible place, or sign a petition for some kind of civic medal for Quincy for gathering as all here, for his work and commitment to this project.
I’m serious, I’m not an American citizen, so it wouldn’t be possible for my to sign it, but there are thousands here from the US.

I don’t know, you can put this post in off topic or whatever, I just wanted to say thank you. :slight_smile: Keep on doing good.