A PHP ERP with CakePHP


Before I quit my job I started to write an ERP for them using the CakePHP framework. All is under the MIT license, so I’d want to continue it now that i’m gone away.

The sources are private for now, as I have to verify if they are all well stripped (no employee’s names, testign db dumps, factory name, …)


In its current state, the ERP have this data structure:

  • Projects
  • Works (project’s units, I don’t think this is the good english word)
  • Contacts
  • Employees
  • Notes
  • Todos
  • Work times (to know who worked on what, and how long)
  • Work time asssigned (given to employees)
  • Suppliers
  • Stock

I don’t give you the fks and relations as it would be a mess, but these are the principal modules. Put management behind each name and you’ll get it :slight_smile:

Tech used

  • CakePHP3.1 (migration to 3.2 is a possibility) with the following plugins:
    • BootstrapUI (helpers for tbs components in views)
    • Tanuck/Markdown for markdown rendering
    • Ajax
    • FOC/Authenticate (For Auth management)
    • TinyAuth (for role management)
    • Search
    • CsvView for csv exports
  • Customized Bootstrap frontend created upon SCSS sources
  • JS:
    • jQuery
    • Prism
    • Codemirror
    • flot
    • FullCalendar
  • Translations

Help for what ?


As i’m french, the whole thing is in… french. My goal is to translate all the hard-coded french strings in english, and put the stranslations in the .po files (inverse what there is now).

All tables names are in english, as I always do, but some names may be wrong, so changing a table name means a lot of code refactoring. But that’s ok for me, so it’s something to do.

Graphs coherence

There are a sort of dashboard with a lot of graphs, but as i’m not a manager at all, i don’t know how to get them accurate and useful. Help on this seems interesting.


For people who know CakePHP, it’s for now a single monolithic app, and i’d like to set up a kind of plugin support, to make it extensible, and allow users to install only what they need.

PHP tests

I’m not into testing at all, so I wrote some tests for the most sensible libs I wrote, but there are tests to write. If you like it, you’re welcome.

… I’m sure I forget things, but that’s all I have in mind for now.

If you’re interested by the project, let me know, i’d be really happy to work with someone :smiley: