A privacy guide for law-abiding citizens

I wrote a short article about easy ways to protect yourself using encryption. Feedback welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this guide/writeup. This is something I’ll be sharing for sure. I may also add, what do you think of the recommendations on this website?


It goes into depth regarding internet security and I’d like to know if it’s fully trustworthy. I think it is since the advice in your article overlaps with some sections on that website.

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Thanks for sharing this link. It seems helpful :slight_smile:

This article got shared on Metafilter - the first FreeCodeCamp Medium post to have made it on to ‘the blue’, I think.

True to MeFi’s usual form, there are many quality resources being shared in their comments:

Also, fun fact: I first heard of FreeCodeCamp through a post on Ask Mefi :slight_smile:

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Awesome! There’s a great discussion thread here. Thank you for making it on to “the blue” and for letting me know about this! :slight_smile:

Really great resource to get started, Quicy — thanks for sharing. It’s a really nice, beginner-friendly intro to solid tools. I posted a link to it on twitter yesterday and saw that a few people liked and retweeted it! I’m glad to see that privacy is becoming more of a topic nowadays.

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Yes - we will continue to write more articles about privacy and security. It is becoming increasingly important with all the breaches and major hacks lately.