A problem with the Technical Documentation Page

hello everybody , i have a problem with the project where we have to create a technical documentation page with a navbar and a main document ect …
now … i got 15/16 tests passed , the last one which concerns the size of the mobile screen is not validated although i have the requirements to pass it .
this is the pen adress :

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It’s purely normal. The test is designed to fail on mobile because test said … on desktop so definitely it will fail on mobile. It’s like that on my project.

Keep up the great work and Happy coding!

sorry for the missunderstanding but i’m working on a pc , not on a mobile , i was just referring to the part of the css code that concerns the mobile devices ( their screen width to be specific )

I tried your codepen on pc. And it all passes 16/16! But if you’re curious what makes it fail at mobile, it’s the position: fixed at desktop breakpoints

Did I answer your question right?

i still don’t get it :cry: can you clarify more pls .