A project made for CS50(Portfolio)

Hey guys,
I made a portfolio as part of CS-50 course.
It is a multi page portfolio cause they needed at least 4 pages.
Both positive and critical feedbacks are welcome.

Here’s the link:

Thanks for visiting.

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I think it would be better if you had maybe a brief about me on the main page and maybe a few highlighted projects if you don’t want them all in the first page. Right now it’s unclear where to even see your projects.


its a nice portfolio mate smooth animations and that, what would be better is to take the projects out of the about page and put them in a separate page and just put your hobbies in the about page instead of having its own page :slightly_smiling_face: good work

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That’s a really good suggestion.
I would definitely try to implement that.
Thanks for suggestions. @biscuitmanz

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Even i was thinking of changing the position of projects, your comment affirmed the idea.
Thank you so much for feedback.

I kind of find it weird to see a landing page and a button that says contact me when I don’t know ANYTHING about who you are or what the purpose of the page is. I’d be starting with the HOME section. I can’t think of anyone that would contact right off the bat…

Otherwise it’s a good portfolio. (no chance of English translations of your poems?)

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Woah! That was a stunning page. the effects and animation are so cool! You must’ve taken a LONG time to make this! Love it!
5/5 stars!

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Hey @Ducky,
Thanks for the feedback.
I have changed the contact me button to know more.
And about the poems,i really thought of adding a translate button but, i tried using Google translate but it just changes the whole meaning of the poems and as far as i am concerned i am not that proficient in English to find perfect words for poems in English.

Thanks again!!

Hey @ConnerOw1115,
Thank you very much man.