A question about blogging considering freeCodeCamp

I am attempting to add freeCodeCamp to my blog to help point people in their direction and I am wondering if they would for some reason get upset at all if I used their logo on my website as the freeCodeCamp blog articles cover photo? I doubt they will mind and they may even appreciate it but I just want to be sure.

Welcome, @affiliateyourself.

I cannot answer this with a Yes or No, but here is some related information:

Can I create apps or tools based around the freeCodeCamp community and platform?

Yes. freeCodeCamp is open source (BSD-3 license), and most non-sensitive freeCodeCamp data is publicly available. But you must make it clear that you don’t represent freeCodeCamp itself, and that your project is not officially endorsed by freeCodeCamp.
About freeCodeCamp - Frequently Asked Questions

The freeCodeCamp.org Copyright Policy

Something else to think of it how you would use the freeCodeCamp logo. freeCodeCamp does have a solid brand-referencing guide somewhere, but I cannot find it. Specifically, it contains information on the size/shape of the logos - it should maintain a specific aspect ratio, not be rotated/stretched, remain the same colour, and not be mixed/matched.

So, at the end of the day:

  • The licensing agreement freeCodeCamp uses is relatively permissive, and majority of the platform content is distributable.
  • It depends on what exactly you do with the branding.

Final note (might not be relevant): If you are looking to co-brand in any way with freeCodeCamp, you are best sending Quincy an email at quincy@freecodecamp.org

Hope this helps some.


There is a style guide page


Yep this is what you should always refer to whenever using FCC assets anywhere digital or printed