A question about Exercise Tracker - Apis and Microservices project

Hi, I think the project is quite done, I appreciate some comments on how to improve it.

Also I have a question about “count”. When one get’s the user’s exercise log, in the response there is a “count” item, what is it’s purpose? Is the number of exercises retrieved or the total number of exercises in the user’s log?

What is the project about: https://learn.freecodecamp.org/apis-and-microservices/apis-and-microservices-projects/exercise-tracker

My solution: (code) https://glitch.com/edit/#!/abounding-diamond
and (app) https://abounding-diamond.glitch.me/

Hi zdflower,

I tested the API as user momo and it appears the count is the total number of exercises for the user.
One thing I could suggest is some error handling if a user inputs an invalid user. When I send an invalid user I get:

Cast to ObjectId failed for value "5b417475e895590053eb6cd0aaa" at path "_id" for model "User"

Personal opinion but you could change how the instruction page looks just to make it your own.

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Thank you very much! :grinning:
Good suggestion. I will try to add that error handling.
I left the instruction page as it came because I wanted to focus on the backend coding part for the moment in this exercise.
Thanks again :+1:

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You’re welcome.

Completely understand. I left out the forms entirely. :sweat_smile:I might put them in at a later date.