A question about projects

I have a question: when someone finishes a project, what should he/she do?

  1. to post it on the forum and then after it is reviewed by the competent ones and 100% redone to be saved in Responsive Web Design Projects?
  2. to save it in Responsive Web Design Projects and then to post it on the forum?

I think that once saved in Responsive Web Design Projects, if the project is reviewed on the forum, it can no longer be updated on the in Responsive Web Design Projects.

there is no direct correlation between the two. Having your project reviewed here on the forums is not mandatory. The main requirement is your project fulfills the test suite. Ofc, its advised you dont “cheat” the tests and only put code that would pass, but actually make it presentable and valid web app, after all its purpose is to develop your skills, use what you have learned and ultimately it represents your work. Having introduced your projects on the forums can give you lot of useful input by the community and help you fix problems, or work out solutions you could not by your own.
I think its possible to re-post your projects on the challenge link and this would update it

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You can always update your project.
If you make revisions to the same pen, based on feedback, there is no need to resubmit the project. The updated project will be the one that’s linked.
If you create a new pen, based on feedback, you will need to resubmit the project with the new link.

Hope that makes sense.

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