A question about text editors

Which is the best text editor you can download free on the internet. I downloaded " Sublime text 4 " but I’m not very content. With " Notepad ++ " you can do the same things even easier.

You probably won’t get a clear answer to your question. It is very subjective. A very widely used editor is, for example, Visual Studio Code.

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Thank you Stephan. I will download and try it.

Doesn’t work like that, they all do basically the same thing. And they’re all free, noone charges for text editors. Sublime, Notepad++, VSCode [, Textmate, Atom, …etc etc]. And Vim and Emacs. “Best” is subjective based on what you need and also what you find most comfortable to use. Most of them, via plugins (and/or programming/configuring the editor directly) allow you to make it act more like an IDE (so it does does more automatically for you).

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I’ll give you an example:
In Notepad I can save something very quickly and easily using the icon on the top bar.

In Sublime, adobe, … we don’t have this quick icon bar.


Maybe they exist but I didn’t find them to make them visible.

CMD + S, same as every other program on my computer (or alternatively for me, colon → w → ENTER, same as every other text editor/ide on my computer)

This this illustrates exactly what I mean by there not being a “best”.

You are saying that it’s easier for you to use because it has a literal save button – that’s fine.

I would say that’s pointless extra GUI noise, I have a keyboard that works much better, and if that’s the default the I now need to figure out how to turn it off. From my PoV, why on earth would I possibly need an actual button


You just try a few out, and then learn the shortcuts and customization options of whichever one you like best. Some people don’t like anything less feature-rich than VSCode. Other people still use VI for everything.

Me, I use Sublime for notepad type purposes and work on actual projects in VSCode.

The “best” tool is always whatever gets in your way the least. For some people that means minimal visual distraction and lots of keyboard commands. For other people that means a clearly organized UI menu system. Whatever works for you.


This is very subjective, there are usually multiple ways to do something in most editors.

The current “winner”, especially for web development is VSCode, for the following reasons:

  1. Constant updates, improvements, features and improvements due to the backing of Microsoft.
  2. Open source+massive extension library, allowing you to get all kind of high grade functionality to do all sorts of things.
  3. Clear, and easy functionality that integrates with extensions, and provides the easiest learning curve out of almost all editors.

3 really comes down to 2 key features that end up becoming a force multiplier, allowing you to easily access/learn/use/update all the other features, so once you learn about it you can more or less use everything in the editor quickly and easily.

  1. ctrl+shift+p opens the “command palette” this is essentially the “god-bar” allowing you to execute anything you could find and click via buttons in any of the menu bars, including extensions along with show you the keyboard shortcuts for each command as an example.
  2. ctrl+, opens the settings, which allow you to configure almost any aspect of the editor itself.

With these 2 you can basically gain easy access to literally anything and everything the editor provides. Along with the extensions, and constant updates I don’t see VSCode losing its title any-time soon.

Other notable mentions:

  • Atom
  • Jetbrain’s Webstorm/Intellij

Thanks Brad. I uploaded Visual Studio Code and I will working on it.
As mentioned above by Ariel to get used to the editor first and then adjust it to my preferences.

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