A question on parallel study

Hi there, I wish you all a good night or day.
I want to ask you a question on a thing that I call parallel study. I researched on web and found multiple fullstack courses and resources such as fullstackopen, rithm school additionally I intend to use Elequent JS and You Don’t Know Javascript Yet books.

I’m planning to finish free part of Codeacademy on JS,HTML and CSS then go through sources above by following the freecodecamp curriculum guide.

My question is should I study these resources together or follow a different way ? thank you, good lucks

if you have issues with a topic, it is useful to have multiple sources you can use, but if you understand a topic maybe do not use multiple sources just because

doing again and again the easy stuff just gives the illusion of progress, it’s when you struggle that you can improve

other than that, use those resources as it better suits you