A random quote project

Hi everyone , Finally I finished my random quote project.
I really spent a fun time to create it and it’s so amazing to see the final result of combine all the stuff together. I made a background that change every 10s… then I discover the power of using transition property it really add a simple and beautiful animation to the elements but unfortunately it didn’t work perfectly in firefox so you have to open it on chroom. I tried to find a json file like the files that we used in the exercises and finally got it you can click here to use it .
I will just leave you with the project :


I will be happy to see your feedback :smile:

Your project looks great. I only have a couple of critiques.

  1. No quote loads when you first visit the site, you must request a new quote right away.
  2. Your footer is floating in the middle of the screen. You could use CSS to lock it to the bottom of the screen.
  3. The background transition is cool. But in Safari is very awkward; the screen flashes grey, shows the original image, then transitions.

Overall though, I think the project is taking shape.

Hi, I was trying it in safari,cause you said “NO FIREFOX”. So the only problem is the “quotes” section is not in center,It is more to the right. Transition effects are very good.I appreciate your hard work.Good job.

It looks sweet!

There is 1 small thing. I can understand you’re proud of it because it looks awesome but your footer is way to high. But i might sound like someone watching at a Van Gogh painting and b*tch about the signature being to high. :wink:

thank you so much for your feedback it’s mean a lot for me :blush:
I appreciate your critiques and I fixed what I could of them…
the only thing that I couldn’t solve is the flashes grey of the screen
I really don’t know how to fix this but I think the problem is because the time of uploading the pictures…:thinking:
by the way , I will try my best to solve the problem in the future or try another way to make this effect without transition :wink:

thank you so much for your feedback … it’s really make me happy :blush:
I will see what’s the problem there and I’ll try to fix it soon :wink:

thank you for you feedback it’s mean a lot for me …:blush:
yeah actually I was suffer with the footer but finally I solve it…:star_struck:

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Now it looks perfect!