A Self Made Project

Been really putting in the grind on learning programming and I wanted to just show a project I made completely from scratch. Give me all the feedback you can.

Nice job with everything!
You images are really clear, but maybe you could add some more characters. Some men. Some mechs and so on.

Oh boy have I got all your wants and needs, I posted this project on reddit and people just wanted more and more features so now we have 8 playable characters, and over 24 abilities. with all ur basic RPG elements being added. Like leveling, shops, bosses, zones.

Can you send me the link to it?

I remade the entire game and currently dont have a live version of what i have so far :confused:

Oh, well. You can make it at https://codepen.io
and after you create a pen, press change view > debug mode, and bam! ya got a live website.

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but the images wouldnt be there since they are saved locally. I usually make it on github pages

Oh. Okay. That’s true, cuz Only PROs can view it in live mode.

I can show you a gif of the updated parts of the game I have if you want though :smiley:

Okay. That sounds great!
Please respond to me. (click the reply arrow on one of MY posts so I can see the notifications, then message me. don’t respond to yourself or I can’t see your posts).

Here ya go.This is the most recent one

How long did it take you to code this? It’s really impressive.

Hmm i’d say the first version was about a week, about 2 hours a day coding, the design on the other hand took me a week on its own cause i suck at designing. But I’m quite happy with this new design.

Wow! Really nice! Could you make it so that the player could be on the bad guy’s team or ya too busy to code it?

What do you mean? Like a player character could end up being an enemy?

Like killing the good guy and getting enough money to buy more mobs.

Dude your project is amazing. I love it! I saw the gif and it look eveeeeen better

I could make a game like that. But I think after this project I’m going to make an actual 2d game.

Thanks :D, really working hard on this updated version. I wish I understood JSON more so I can use that to my project. Think it would make my ideas a lot easier!