A should be assigned to b with =

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a should be assigned to b with =


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a = 7; // The variable 'a' is equal to 7

var b;

b = 7; // The variable 'b' is equal to 7

// Setup
var a;
var b = 2;

// Only change code below this line
var a; 
a = 7; // The variable 'a' is equal to 7

var b;
b = 7; // The variable 'b' is equal to 7

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  1. You should only ever use var once per variable, when you first create it.
  2. You never assign a to b. You assign 7 to b twice and you assign 2 to b once.
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var a;

a = b;

Is it like this?
I'm really sure what it wants me to do? 

I thought I was assigning var a to b

var b = a = 7;

I don’t know?

var a =7;
var b =7;
b = a;

Okay, I figured it out here is an answer if anyone is struggling trying to figure out that one. I swear the easy ones are the hardest.

Thanks for the reply

This passes, but is actually wrong.

The correct way to do this would have been

a = 7
b = a

Declaring a var twice is poor practice.

I’m open to suggestions and I am learning from what passes. I don’t know what is considered poor practice yet, as I am new to this and wanting to learn the correct way. If I only learn what passes then, that is what I am learning unless someone tells me different.

Thank you for your suggestion

This wasn’t a slight at you. I know a lot of these questions are being updated.

I don’t want to further confuse you, as this will be covered in the ES6 course…

var declares a variable globally. So there should be no need to declare the variable again to reassign the value.

Don’t worry about this too much. You passed the question. No need to dwell on this.

Not a problem, and thank you for your input.

There is no confusion, I am learning from the tests and any interactions I have through this post.

Thank you for your reply

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