A side project i have

i’ve been wanting to make a pet adoption site for some time now to help the non profits in my country because they struggle with accomodating so many pets.

my way of contributing i guess. i’m actually a management and human resource student. I’m finishing my degree this year. i’ve been struggling with both backend and front end for the webapp.

However today i don’t what happened. I found this css framework called tachyons and i guess things clicked.

i tried to replicate this kind of https:///dribbble.com/shots/6200871-Anspot-Home

what i’m wondering is how much of my css is not necessary and what do you guys think people would want to see ?

To be honest i’m kind of motivated. what you guys think ?


Apologies for prefixing an additional slash. I got an error that i could not post links because my account is new just remove the third slash “/” to access the urls.

It looks good … How long have you been coding this

Thank you !. About 4 to 5 hours.

Its not like i discovered html and css or programming in general today. I have been trying to learn since freecodecamp opened. so 2014.

However , my layouts in general were so ugly. I even hid the fact that i’m learning code to everyone around me lol.

I was ashamed of it. I learn very fast generally. So i always gave up and picked up after some months. I’ve been in this cycle for 5 years. Never managed to make something concrete.

For the first time today i actually made something pretty looking and actually got the courage to show it lol.

I actually think i can make this. I just have to grind it out and keep trying this time.

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Well then good luck …