A simple game clone Feedback

I have made a clone of the classic biscuit clicker.
Check it out and give me some honest review.


Your code crashes if the game hasn’t been opened previously (try to open it in incognito mode).

My guess is you’re missing await here: https://github.com/sauravk7077/biscuitClicker/blob/master/scripts/main.js#L27

Hey @sauravk7077 !
Your Game looks good.
It would be better if you add a keyboard shortcut and display it. (I don’t know how hard it is.).

Thanks and Happy Coding!

Can you describe it briefly? The game doesn’t crash when I run it on the Incognito mode.

It’s a very easy game. Here is the link to the original game(classic version) - Cookie Clicker.

I will add keyboard navigation. Thanks for your honest opinion.

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This is very cute. And you seem to know me all too well:


Yeah, it’s for people like you. You are caught red-handed cheating in this game.


As an FYI, I do get an error when trying to purchase an alchemy shop (and I didn’t cheat this time!)

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Don’t worry I will look for the problem.

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Oops, a bug got in the program. But don’t worry the bug is caught.

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I don’t know what happens, but I’m using an Lenovo Laptop, and it does not count the clicks

Can you try to reset the game?

Yes, I m taking a look right now

It’s still not working, couting issuse stays. The settings button does’t works too, I realized that right now.

here is a screenshot if it helps somehow

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Which browser are you using? And can you show me the console of the browser.

Yes. I m using Chrome, here is a screenshot

What is your browser version and can you check again?