A simple navigation - Your feedback please


I tried to give my self a little challenge to create a simple navigation. will really appreciate any of your feedback and constructive criticism, please. Anything from how I can improve my code, to way’s I can maybe write less code to mistakes I might have made.

I have got a question also. If you look at my navigation you can see my h1 “This is a Simple Navigation” it’s stuck a bit too much at the top. Tried every trick I know to slightly bring it down without any success. I would really appreciate if someone can help me how to achieve that.

Thank you so much


If this is your first little project it is perfect. I still didn’t do any of the projects i am waiting till i finish all of the challenges then I can just complete the challenges very easily.

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Try adding some top padding to your h1 and then instead of height of 150px for the #header, use min-height of 150px. That way, when the page width gets smaller, the navigation links will still be visible.

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@RandellDawson Oh so that’s how you achieve that! Thank you