A simple portfolio page .Please review so that I can learn and improve my project

I have made this simple “Portfolio” page using simple HTML and CSS. Its fully responsive.
Please review so that I can learn and improve my project.
Thanks :slight_smile:

AWESOME! really good, I really like it. well done.

Since everything is good, I would like to mention some very very minor(almost my suggestion) about it.

In desktop mode(or maybe tab) when portfolio elements go with two element in a row, at the end you will have one element left which lands to left. I think if you place it left over elements at center would be better.

And the contact section. Sharing an email address that much plain and public is kind of very old. For now you may brace yourself for more spam in your inbox.
Sharing an email address for very generic user/division is okay (like support@mycompany.com), but for personal contact?! maybe no. but this is not critical.

very good, keep going on good work! Happy programming

Amazing. This could work as real website and will work just as fine.

I didn’t check the code yet although, I will check it later.

However, just a question, did you design these pictures(like Marketing Page ones…etc) or that you found them online? I ask about this because I found that they have the same design style while also being almost accurate. I like them.

Noe @OGTechnoBoy I found them online . :slight_smile:
Thanks for reviewing my project . It feels great to be appreciated by your fellow developer