A Simple Portfolio Page

Hello. I have just completed the responsive web design certification assignments. This is a portfolio page that I did with the knowledge which I learned here. I’m waiting for your comments. Thank you.

Here: https://codepen.io/kansatsukan/full/QWbwGXE

Nice work. Very clean and works nicely.

-4trio19 :pineapple:

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It does look nice but it has some issues.

Using FF, go to View -> Zoom and activate Zoom Text Only. Then while holding the Ctrl key down, scroll your mouse wheel to make the text bigger and you’ll see it gets messy fast. You can never assume what font size the user will be viewing your page with and part of responsiveness is making sure you can handle various font sizes.

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I notice it just now. I will work on it. It also collapses whenever I zoom page too much. Icons don’t work in FF too. Browser compatibility thing is pretty challenging I guess. Thank you for saying.