A simple Tribute page. Totoro :)


What do you think ?

Ive disabled links to my GitHub and LI.


I like how ‘clean’ it looks. Doesn’t hurt that Totoro is awesome…! I wonder if it’d be possible to make the top image responsive.

I love it! I agree with @jenjenjenio about making the top image responsive, otherwise it’s awesome!

I love how this has that Hayao Miyazaki feel to it. Really cute!

I like it, and figured out something by looking at the coding.
Incidentally, I lived a few blocks from the Ghibli museum in Tokyo for awhile.

Thank you so much! Was wgat I was aiming for with the water color background :smiley:

Ooh you lived in Tokyo? What did you do there? I would love to visit sometime, hah maybe once im a high earning web dev :joy:

Yes, for 8 years. Totoro was actually my neighbour, like in the movie - a few blocks away anyway. It’s worth doing a search for images of the museum if you’re a fan.
Most of my work there was in IT/IS, though not related to programming.
Definitely visit, though pick the right season.

@fattie, your page is great, but would be even better on responsive, so I forked it for you and made it responsive like people asked!

Project Link - http://codepen.io/isaacabrahamson/full/NAkZXL/

Why are you using bootstrap row and column system, it screws the whole thing up! Get rid of the rows and junk, and center stuff with pure css that’s super easy! Also, I corrected your background, should look better on mobile and desktop! All you really need for responsive is to get rid of the rows, add .img-responsive to your images, and a simple media-query to make the container wider on mobile. Hope this helps, good luck!


Awesome. I liked it a lot. Well done :clap:

Brilliant effort! It’s so cool that you did a tribute page to a fictional character!!

Not a fan of totoro but this is a nice page lol. I like the animations, and that it’s easy to read(spacing is great and good picks w/ the fonts+colors) on medium-large screens. Great job! :smile_cat:


  • Working on the mobile layout

Really digging the responsive design! Great job!

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Just as you said, it’s a simple page but it’s definitely solid!

Clean and simple, yet aesthetically well composed.

I’m jelously think that it was not me who thought first about Totoro Tribute page :slight_smile: Looks clean but it’s still fancy. Congrat!

Great job!! Congratulation!!! I like it.

Sorry haven’t logged onto the forums in far too long :smiley: thanks for the edit and tips!

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