A simple tribute page

I just set up a simple Tribute page so I would be grateful to have your feedback!


Looks great, responsive elements working well.

A couple of suggestions:

  • I like the “show more” buttons, but the animation effect of having all the <li>s slide down simultaneously is too visually complex and ends up looking a little messy. Having all of them slide down in one fluid motion would look nicer.
  • If this were production code, you’d want to have the hidden parts of the lists selected programmatically to improve scalability. Consider putting all the logic for selecting what to cut off into your JS (in this case, cut off every list after the 3rd item).
  • Using the <blockquote> element for your Bruno Walter quote would be more semantic.
  • Adding padding to individual paragraphs breaks their alignment with the rest of your content. Most designers consider this to be bad practice - I’d recommend removing this.

Thank you very much for your response. I’ll try to improve these.