A small help for a fellow coder!

Hello friends! Many hardships in life had led me to build this campaign. I really hope you can give me a hand or share this post, whatever is in your hands. Thank you so much!

Link to goFundMe Campaign:

I wish I could help, but Ive been without a job the past few months and in a bad way financially myself here so can only offer suggestionsā€¦ I also need a laptop, Getting a new one is completely out of the question for me right now so Ive been looking on Craigslist where people are selling their old laptops for as low as $100-200, even Amazon has some basic laptops in the range of $200-300, which I figure would be plenty good enough for the purpose of learning, then once I have a job I can buy myself something better.

On another note, a bit nervous for you as your situation is very fragile right now, and you have your name and pic up with a statement of intent to study and work. You may want to lay low and keep that information private as immigration is very thorough and it would not take much of a google search to find this and use it against you. I dont want to see anything bad happen as a result of this!!! So may want to reconsider the gofundme routeā€¦!

I hope all the best for you!