A strange request

I know, it may be odd as a request but I would like your opinion:

This is the layout I’m creating for my site-portfolio

I would like to know what you think, especially regarding the colors, every advice is well accepted

ps: the border Will be deleted at work finished

My personal opinion, so it will be subjective okay?

To me, it seems dark. There is no area to “focus” on by the user. Everything (header, body, footer) have the same color.

Also, dark text on a dark background has lower contrast and may/will be harder to read. For a photography related site, a dark background color works because you want the color photos to pop out. (but black/white photos pop out better on a white background) But for a site with a lot more text than photos, it may be hard to read.

You can make your header and footer that dark color, and your content area a lighter color. That way, the eye is drawn to the content area, which is the more important section.

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ahahah sorry, I laughed because when I thought of a color, this seemed fairly neutral to not bother my eyes, thank you for advice, look for something different, I do not want colors too bright because they give a lot of annoyance to the sight, so I’ll have to find something else

You can use this site for color contrast checking for readability.

And this site for color combinations that look good