A survey form feedback request

Greetings all:

I just completed the survey form project and would be grateful for any feedback.
Thank you to anyone who takes the time to do so in advance.


Dwayne Brock

Hey this looks very good and passes all tests as well. :slight_smile: Well done!

If I were to give any critical feedback on this, it would be pretty subjective so please take it with a grain of salt.

  • At the moment, all the content is aligned to the left of the page, you could consider center aligning the form, using more width or adding an image on the right to make the design more balanced.
  • Font size of the text box titles ( Please enter your name, Please enter your email, etc. ) is bigger than the subtitle and pretty close the the size of main title. See if you wan to change that.
  • If you could use a similar font as the title and subtitle for the text box titles, it could add some continuity and coherence to the whole page.
  • See if you want to increase the width of the submit button so that it is same as the text box.

All that being said, it is very well done, is neat and tidy, and is responsive. ( I tested on ipad, iphone, laptop and imac screen sizes. Works well without any distortion or content being clipped. )
Very well done.
Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Nice job!

I played with your input fields a bit and everything seemed to be working, including your range that prevented me from claiming to be 108 years old. :rofl:

I will pass on a bit of advice that I was given in these forums and it took me a while to start really understanding: Make it more responsive!

Specifically, your text is a bit small when viewed full screen and you lose a lot of your formatting, including your aesthetic theme on small screens. A tool that I have found really helpful is http://howbigismybrowser.com/ . I often use it to find break points for media queries. I hope that it is useful for you as well!


That resource about browser dimensions is going to be so useful. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

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I find it incredibly helpful. I hope you get as much mileage out of it as I do.


Thank you for taking it for a test drive. At this point I think maybe I’m more at home with coding than the design part. I have an image in my mind of what I want it to look like, but am a little short in experience in getting it exactly there yet. Definitely something to research. Might be I need to learn more about spacing and typography.

Dwayne Brock



Thank you for taking a look. I see I still have a lot to learn about the visual look of sites,
Maybe I am too used to using small text myself. I think I need to research some best standards on all of the above.

Thank you for your observations, these are the things I need to hear to improve.

Dwayne Brock

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That is completely all right @dwaynebrock

Keep at it, one step at a time. :slight_smile:

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You are very welcome. It’s nice to get insight into other points of view. I hope mine is useful to you.

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It was. Thank you.


In general, this project did bring out a recognition in me that I need to learn more about the design side to this,regarding type and spacing practices. I am going to begin with a google search on these, but if anyone wants to make any site or video recommendations, I would take them very seriously.


Dwayne Brock
web neophyte at large

What I am doing to improve in the same area is the following:

  • Brush up your CSS skills by practicing and reading up on it.
  • Follow some good layout and UX/UI designers on behance. Pick a style that you like in terms of color palette, typeface, layout, etc; and try to recreate the same in your projects.
  • Try to read up about how font sizes and other elements in layout help direct the viewers eyes across the page. If you follow the above two, this one should come to you naturally over time with practice.


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Hi @dwaynebrock, if you’re still taking feedback;

  • make it so users can click on the labels for their choices with the radio buttons and checkboxes
  • change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over the Submit button
  • don’t use the <br> element, use margin and/or padding in CSS

Yes, I agreewith james922

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