A teensy error in the study group listing + Challenge 12 error

I decided to sign up for a group at

I thought it very amusing that Sheboygan (I’m in Milwaukee, WI), is a little bit closer than Lake Forest, CA, and that Wheeling, WV is the farthest (of the ones pictured, anyways). I don’t know about you, but I think the map has been redrawn and it might be a good idea to fix it…:wink:

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I have another thing I need to post but I’ve already (?!) reached my daily limit. :frowning:

Thus, perforce and so on, I add it here:
See, I told you I’d post a lot. :sunny:

In paragraph 6, there exists a tiny error that might cause confusion for those who are very tuned in to such things (analytical people, I guess).

Note that it’s important to have both opening and closing curly braces ({ and }) around each element’s style. You also need to make sure your element’s style is between the opening and closing style tags. Finally, be sure to add the semicolon to the end of each of your element’s styles.

The problem is that in the first 2 sentences above, “style” is singular, but at the end of the second sentence, it is plural. At first glance, this may seem inconsequential, but both should be plural or singular (I vote for singular , but I can argue for plural, too).

To elaborate:
Each element has a style, composed of attributes, right? Sorry if I mess up the vocab…

Singular argument: If we think of it in terms of what’s inside the braces, then singular makes sense because that is about the overall style (when combined with separate statements affecting the style of the same element, of course).

Plural argument: If we think of it in terms of each style attribute, then using plural becomes sensible. However, it is in reference to what’s collectively inside {}, and that is the overall style, so singular is best. :tada: