A tiny random project

I was going through JavaScript part of curriculum and it was all only JavaScript and there was no mention of DOM manipulation and i was feeling that my CSS was getting rusty as i didn’t touch that after RWD Certification. So i decided to make some tiny stuff to do both DOM and some CSS they are mostly all about CSS :sweat_smile: but this one has less CSS and more JavaScript so i thought i should get some feedback to know if I’m doing DOM right or not i didn’t watch any tutorials for this just struggled to find what I’m looking for on DevDocs. So i don’t know what the best practices are. So here’s the link to it :
Any feedback is appreciated. :innocent:


@mdshariq It has some really great design and user input and feedback. Good work! Happy coding! :smile:

Thank you @landon.h.lloyd . :innocent:

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Great work out there mate, happy coding.

Hey @mdshariq!

I really like it. It was fun!

Also, when you get to the front end certification the DOM is mentioned there.

Happy coding!

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Thankyou @IAmRC1 and @jwilkins.oboe

I probably didn’t see it :sweat_smile: Its good that it is there. Thanks for telling :blush:

The DOM is mentioned in the react section.

Yes found it Thanks!!

Hey @mdshariq!

I like your project.
I think your testing my math skills. :laughing:

Thanks @codely Yes to test your skills and also mine :joy: its actually embarrassing how low I’m scoring on this :sweat_smile: .