A Tribute Page complete. Feedback welcome

Hey everyone. I’ve completed one of my Tribute pages. I had to change 2 videos since they were over 2MB and wouldn’t upload. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Tribute Page

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Hi, your top picture doesn`t show clear

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The second one is stretched. Trying to find a better picture of her. I may have to take a new one. Thanks!

I will try to save the main images proportions, that stretch effect is not good :confused:

That said there are a lot of functionalities for a tribute page with no js, congratz!

I noticed some scripts added at the end of html…consider to include Bootstrap from setting --> js --> add external resources ( jQuery doesn’t seems to be used at first glance so you can get rid of it )

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Thank you for the feedback. Planning to take a new pic and add it. I don’t believe I used jQuery, but I had original plans to add it… Any other feedback?