A tribute page on Chester Bennington as my first challenge

My pen link: https://codepen.io/nmsami36/pen/XaWXNL
Any feedback is welcomed !! :slight_smile:

First of all…awesome guy to do a tribute page for…! You did really well…!

I would really just suggest centering the div that you have your timeline content in, just add text-center to the div and you’re good to go. Also, the image is not responsive and gets cut off on mobile phones, so I suggest adding max-width: 100% in your css to the img class.

Thats it really! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much !! :smiley:

I saw these problems but was quite confused how to make that right. The detailed solution is very helpful. I will rectify those. :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear! Im glad I was able to help!!! :smiley: