A tribute page to the fabulous dancer Pina Bausch - my first project on FCC

Hello dear people in FCC,

please click me!

I would appreciate your feedback on my first tribute page and I would like to invite you to discover this amazing artist that I’m going to present to you. She’s a hell of a dancer :stuck_out_tongue:

With love from Germany,


Wow very interesting indeed! I had to laugh, that she only ever signed 1-yr contracts with Wuppertal even though she ended up working there for the rest of her life. I can relate to the “Im ready to leave” thing… I only ever planned to live in Miami for a year or two…its been 16 years now…but I refuse to lay down roots…just in case! lol

Your code looks great…you did a really good job. The only thing I can say really is a couple things about the main photo. Add the img-responsive class to your img tag in the html, and it will then scale to size on mobile or tablet views.

Also, the image is quite large and kind of overwhelming… i tried a max-width of 800px in your #main-image-div class, and it gave the image some breathing room. You’ll also then need to center the image though, so to the same class, add margin: 0 auto; Which means…a top and bottom margin of 0 (since you are not adding space) and a left and right margin of auto, which means the browser will automatically put an equal amount of space on the left and right sides, which effectively centers your image.

Hope that helps! And thanks for sharing this bio…really was an interesting read!

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Thanks very much for your comment, my dear! Fixed it immediately.
I totally understand your “just in case”-attitude, it makes one feel free to go and more in control of one’s life.

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Awe! Im glad you liked my feedback! Checked out your update and looks great!!! :blush: