A Tribute to Bob Marley. All feedback Welcome

Hi campers, I tried as much as possible to make it look like the one Quincy did. Please let me know what I did wrong and where I can improve.:slight_smile:
Thanks in advance for all your feedback.

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I think it would probably look okay on a phone, on my laptop the side margins were way too big.

If you resize the page and make it very smalll the page looks like a very long noodle :), you can add something like “min-width:350px;” to your “body-content” style tag so it has a limit.

Hi Tland, thank you. I noticed that too and will work on that.
However, when I copied the url to my new browser tab, it launched OK. But thanks for the feedback, Appreciate it.

Thanks Sergi-O. I’ll do that now.

I noticed that 1777 is one of your years. You probably meant 1977. You might want to double check the text for typos.

Also, you should probably not have 300px as your left/right margins. On mobile phones this will cause the white margin to dominate instead of your tribute page. Instead, I would recommend using a percentage, changing the margin on low widths, or using a much smaller margin.

You can always try playing with border-radius on your document, just make sure you look at it when you resize your page to a thin width to see how it will look on a smartphone.

It feels like the text is a little too wordy. From an english standpoint, it might be a good idea to reread what you write and try to shorten out redundancies. Maybe keep the events at 1 to 2 sentences and split the existing events out.

Also, you can always try improving the theme to make the page more in the style of Bob Marley. Red yellow and green tints seem to be the theme around his imagery, but you might have more ideas.

Anyways, good luck on your tribute page.

Eliotn, thank you for the great feedback. Appreciate it very much. I will take the points you raised into consideration and make adjustments. I thought about giving it more of a reggae feel to it but I wanted to make it look as much like the one in the Challenge so didn’t change the theme. Will go ahead and try to adjust theme as well now.
Thanks again.