A Tribute to Constantine XI - Critiques Welcome

I must say that it isn’t too shabby for my 2nd and 3rd days coding: http://codepen.io/lair001/pen/MejJZb.

I wanted to change the bullets to small crowns or swords but I couldn’t find anything like that in Glyphicons, Font Awesome, or Google Icons. I also have no idea what this page looks like on a tablet or phone.

It seems that my design degrades quite a bit on narrow screens.

This version should be mobile friendly: http://codepen.io/lair001/pen/OXRwPE.

I guess the takeaway here is that text elements should not be arranged horizontally alongside images.

That’s pretty darn slick there. I like the navbar in the mobile version, but the other one is plenty responsive, too. I dig the color scheme, too. Very Roman.