A Tribute to Danilo Perez - Feedback Please

Hello fellow campers,
Could you please give me some feedback on my first submitted project? Any and all criticism is welcome (negative or positive).

I know its very similar to the example provided, as I used it for inspiration. Any ideas on what I could’ve done different are welcome too.

Thank you!

Here’s the link (here).


It’s all good:

  • passes tests
  • image is responsive.
  • rounding of border softens the appearance.
  • color-matching to photo is good, with good contrast.

Don’t feel bad about making it similar to the example. In fact, that’s what I go for when I do them. I see if I can understand (without looking at the code) how to make something that looks very similar. Under the hood, my solutions are always my own, but I think of it as working from specifications, and creating what was asked for.

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Thanks a lot :smile:
Already working on the next one (Survey Form). Need some help there with CSS Grid (here)

Hey man, if my replies are giving you solutions, you should mark the checked icon under them so others know they are solved.