A Tribute to Mr. Warren Buffet


Just started learning to code, have been doing it for a bout a week now and got through HTML, CSS, and bootstrap. Have no idea what I’m doing. Would appreciate some feedback on what I can do better and maybe how to center everything, I couldnt figure out how to center a list so I just made it into a paragraph and added breaks…Thank you!

First, a bit of feedback. The heading for the list of Buffet’s holdings is nearly as big as the subtitle on the top of the page, which doesn’t visually make sense. You could make it smaller. I also don’t understand why you have it bolded as it isn’t written the way that headings typically are (short). So if I were to make a heading I would write “Buffet’s Top 5 Holdings” or “Berkshire Hathaway’s Top 5 Holdings”. Headings are meant to grab attention, so making them too long is generally inadvisable.

As for how you go about centering a list, there are a few different ways. The easiest is probably to wrap it in a div, set the div’s width to 100% of the page, and then set its text-align to center. Your list should be centered after that.