A Tribute To My Cat :)

I tweaked my Tribute page a little bit. I am wondering if the use of color is inappropriate? I have not seen much color on other pages. I guess I was trying to give it a nursery feel since the tribute was about a kitten.

Anyway, I always appreciate any feedback.

Happy Coding!


Love the layout. Nice work done here, you should probably be doing this for little kids and people who lost their pets. But didn’t the see the images after the well class.

Thank you so much for your response. Thats actually a really good idea. I love working with animals, particularly cats and I would really like to design materials to bring attention to animals that need homes or animals that have gone missing.

My tribute page only has two images. I used the well class because I wanted the text in between the images to stand out. Are you saying you could not see one of the images?

Thanks for your help.

Yes I didn’t see any image like a cat or something, or what did you use as your image?