A tribute to my teddy bear (Feedback appreciated!)

Hello everyone!
I’m new to this FCC and new to coding in general. I’d like to introduce myself and ask for some feedback regarding my first FCC project.

A little about myself. I am a 4th year pharmacy student with zero experience in programming. It’s been something I’ve wanted to learn for a really long time. A month ago, I decided to get a Lynda subscription and finally start learning. I found FCC 2 weeks ago and have been dedicating all of my free time to it. I fell in love with coding instantly from day 1 and would be so excited if I am able to make a career out of it.

My tribute page is a little different - I decided to dedicate it to my build-a-bear.
You can access it here: https://codepen.io/michaelzli/full/dZVRMb

Nice to meet you all, and I’d appreciate any feedback!

Hi @michaelzli,

CSS inspector:

  • Unexpected empty block:
.text-center {

#poetry {

HTML inspector:

  • The id ‘poetry’ appears more than once in the document.
  • The id ‘spacer’ appears more than once in the document.

MDN documentation:

The id global attribute defines a unique identifier (ID) which must be unique in the whole document.

  • Do not use <br> to increase a gap:
<section class="main">
 <h1 class="text-center main-title text-responsive" id="heading">Oswald "Ozzers" Burr</h1>

MDN documentation:

Do not use <br> to increase the gap between lines of text; use the CSS margin property or the <p> element.

Cheers and happy coding :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

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