A tribute to the man who changed the world: Bill Gates

Hey There!
So I just created my first FCC project, and I would like some feedback. How can I make it better, I am basically asking for a code review. Give me a grade. I am shooting for at least an 85+. How can I make my page better?

Your Fellow Camper


It looks good, I like that you are thinking ahead and adding a nav bar even if it doesn’t work.
I like the color scheme, and the way you use different techniques, often first the first few pages we put together tend to look too complicated with too many different things going on because we want to show off what we know, you kept it simple and I think that makes it effective.

I will point out some things that stood out to me, but really these are nitpicks, overall you’re doing a great job

  1. That first image is 275 X 183 and you’re using it as your main image that will take up most of the screen as you’re scrolling down. I know you’re probably saying images don’t have anything to do with HTML or CSS, but optimizing resolution and making sure the page looks good will be your job as a front end developer, it’s never to early to start thinking about ways to use images effectively.

  2. You have a lot of little things in the code that hint you haven’t read it carefully after it was done. You have a script that adds a class which doesn’t seem to exist (animated bounce) you have the .beginner class twice in your CSS, nothing major, but it’s good practice to refactor your code once you feel like it’s done.

  3. You have a lot of repeated code pieces. Ideally you wouldn’t have to add font-family: Raleway, sans-serif; to every class that contains text, just change all p and h elements to a certain font family and a text-alignment.

  4. You still have some left overs from bootstrap in your HTML? container-fluid and col-xs… honestly you don’t need bootstrap for a basic site, You were probably trying to center things with it, just use some floats or margin:auto.

Overall, looks good, you’ll pick up on the small things with more practice. For a first site I’d give it an 85+, but keep working and make sure you re-read your code once it’s done to keep it clean.

Thanks!! One quick question:
How to I optimize image resolution, and how can I make images larger when using the jumbotron class. On my portfolio that I am working on, I am having issues with image repetition and CSS not working. Thanks!!
I appreciate it!!!
Your fellow camper,

Nice! I really like it. The only things I could think of for making it better, is making the buttons at the bottom centered, and a little bigger. If you are going to use a image of Bill Gates as the main section people are going to look at, I would get one with a better resolution. I give it an 87.

Thanks man! I really apprecaite it.

You’re Welcome. :slight_smile:

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Check out the post that i made on my portfolio. I think you will like it!