A tribute to the women in my life and what they have thought me

Finished my tribute page challenge.

I decided to make it a bit personal and at the same time write content that had some sort of value to the reader that don`t know these women.

I first wrote the content, then made the design.

Feedback is appreciated. https://goo.gl/RNoko7



Simple and beautiful!!
Not very helpful, sorry (:


Very nice tribute! My hats off to your mother for such an amazing turn around.

I did spot three typos, I suspect because English is not your tongue :sunny:

  1. The word “woman” in your main title should be “Women” since you are talking about a group of outstanding ladies.

  2. Under Happiness, in your first line replace the word “insurance” with “assurance” . In the context of your sentence, it is the better word to use.

  3. Again, under Happiness, third paragraph change “tough” to “though”.

Happy coding!

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Thank you so much Perry. Thanks for actually reading it and telling me. I can`t understand how I missed “women” in the title, lol.

I really appreciate it. Thanks again.

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Thank you! All feedback is appreciated, also this. Have a great day.

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It is looking good, great work :slight_smile:
There is small horizontal scroll on the page, which shouldn’t be there. Looks like you are breaking the bootstrap grid somewhere.

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Aha. Thanks. I actually did not notice that. I will dive into the code and check it out.

Thanks for telling me, and thanks for the nice feedback.