A Tribute to Women In Computer Science

Hi Guys and, especially, Gals… Here is my tribute page at last! My tribute is to some folks who tend to be overlooked… Women In Computer Science. I hope you find it interesting and pass the information on to any young women and girls you may know who might consider Computer Science as a career.

I had fun making this page but ran into a lot of small glitches. I worked around them in some rather unorthodox ways, so you really don’t want to peak at my code. It is not tidy. It is not elegant. It is not code to write home about. But it works. I hope to be able to write “beautiful code” someday soon if I keep working on it.

Here is the link to my page. it should work on your tablets and smart phones too.

And special thanks go to those of you who helped me find my silly mistakes.


Hi GrannieB!

This is awesome! I love the tributes that highlight women in the very bedrock of computing as we rarely hear about anyone who isn’t a white man. The page’s structure is great and lends to its readability. That photo is perfect, too.

As far as your code goes, it’s not as bad as you may think. The use of <center> is the only thing that’s really wonky, and you could use the CSS equivalent

.centeredContent {
    text-align: center;

Then use the class on any element that should contain centered elements

<h1 class="centeredContent"><strong>A Tribute to Women In Computer Science </strong></h1>

Other than that, it would be good practice to move all of those styles to the CSS portion of CodePen. If you feel up to tackling that challenge, you can message me directly with any questions you have, and of course the whole forum here will be able to help you. What really matters though is the finished product. I look forward to seeing more from you!

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Hi and thanks for your comments and advice. I may just take another look at it and try some of what you suggest. Maybe it will help me get going on the portfolio which has me temporarily stumped.