A very weird glitch on freecodecamp

A very weird glitch on freecodecamp.

i logged in on another computer not the one i normaly use and when i went to the challenge were i left off is i press run test it just goes to the next challenge without me even doing anything and this is for all HTML and CSS challenges

i don’'t know if you guys have been experiancing this glitch, let me know.

Is it possible that you were on a computer that someone else might have used for Free Code Camp?

@ArielLeslie No I am the only one who uses Free code camp among all the people I know. I have 2 computers one laptop and a desktop I normally use the laptop since it is portable, but I had the problem on the desktop, and when I went back to my laptop it continued for I few challenges then it went back to normal

Are you sure you haven’t done those challenges before? If not, can you tell us which challenges they were?

@ArielLeslie This account I new, you can even see my profile. I had a old account but I was cheating on that account so I stopped using it even though I was done half of the front end challenges. the challenges I had the problem were

1.Add Images to your Website

2.Size your Images

3.Add Borders Around your Elements

4.Add Rounded Corners with a Border Radius

5.Make Circular Images with a Border Radius

6.Link to External Pages with Anchor Elements

Regardless of what account you were using, if you had done those challenges on the same computer (on your previous account or even without logging in), then your most recent code was saved in your browser’s cache.

yeah I have done these challenges on my other account on that computer. thanks @ArielLeslie