A way to filter which Categories show on "homepage"

It’d be nice to be able to filter which categories show on the “homepage” of the forum. Right now the options are either All Categories or a single category, but what if I want to see just 4 categories and not the others? It would also be nice if this setting was saved so that when I leave and visit again, the forum remembers that I only want Campfire Lounge, Books, Projects, and General to show in my “homepage” feed (for example).

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Yes, please. I can’t believe there isn’t more demand for this feature. I understand that this is a place to learn to code and I think it’s great if people come here with their questions. But sometimes a person is not in a mood to check other people Tribute page or Portfolio. These feedback topics are easily taking 1/4 of space and pushing down some much more interesting topics. There is no way how to easily hide them. I would have to instead go through every single other category.