A Wheel of Time - Tribute Page Feedback

I’ve finished my tribute page challenge and would love some feedback if possible.

This is my first time using HTML and CSS and I’m sure there is room for improvement, I’ve attempted to make it responsive, but I’m sure that elements can be scaled or positioned better.

Please click the link below to view. Appreciate anyone taking the time to look.

Wheel of Time - Tribute Page


Welcome to the forums @Fastion-1024. Your page looks good. Some things to revisit;

Thanks for the feedback @Roma. I had no idea that I even had HTML errors as the page was displaying, I have made sure to fix them and save the link to that checker for the future.

I have also updated the links to try and encompass more of where they are linking to. However I may be misunderstanding that lesson, is it better to:

  • Describe where the link, links to, such as ‘Robert Jordan’s Wikipedia Page’.
  • Describe what the link, links to, such as ‘Information of Robert Jordan’.
  • Or some combination of both, such as ‘Information of Robert Jordan on his Wikipedia Page’.

I have updated the page with both fixes either way, although it may take a little while for GItHub Pages to update the changes. Many thanks.

Either of those you’ve asked about it fine as someone using a screen reader will know what the link is referencing. That is, they increase accessibility.