A work in progress looking for feedback

How is this looking thus far? http://carleweibel.com/Portfolio/index.html

Functionally, it works. So that’s good.

But I think you can further improve it.
It’s not responsive, at lower screen widths, the images don’t resize and spill over outside the display.

Check out Bootstrap CSS, and try to learn it. It will allow you to make decent looking (and responsive) sites pretty quickly.

I took the liberty of making just a few simple CSS adjustments without touching your html code, and you can see the difference in the look below in the before vs after shot. Just a few minor details in spacing, margin and proportion and it can make a big difference in the overall feel of the site.

I’m going to move this post to the Project Feedback section where it belongs.

Thanks. I had included Bootstrap, but I probably just did the very basics. I did make some changes to the CSS and it seems to look better on my phone now: http://carleweibel.com/Portfolio/index.html