Ability to run code without submitting?


Is there a way to just ‘run code’ without ‘run code and submit’? I’d like to see the results of various tests before I actually submit my code, but it doesn’t seem possible to do so… This would be a nice feature if you don’t already have it.


If you click the “run code” button (or hit ctrl + enter), it will not automatically submit your solution. If all tests pass, there will be a pop up that asks if you want to submit your solution and move on to the next challenge.

Hi Ariel. Correct. I’m wondering if there’s a way to just run the code without that popup appearing. However, I’m starting to see that now, the code runs every time you change something in the editor, correct? So maybe I can just look at the bottom of the screen.

The scripting challenges will auto-run, but I don’t believe that the tests rerun.