Able to Automate my Testcase, Working with FCC helped me alot

Able to Automate my Testcase, Working with FCC helped me alot
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Hi All,

I dont know where to start or phrase my sentences, I also dont know i should post it here, but felt to share my feelings with my FCC family.
Let me give a little background of mine, i am Manual tester always escaped from coding.But deep in my heart i always felt i am cheating myself and not utilizing my skills. So that day i decided to learn coding.
I started with FCC , right now at projects part mean time i was applying my Testing jobs. I got call i clearly told them i am Manual tester but willing to learn coding, so they sent me assignment. OMG i was in shock as i dont know any programming language(apart from FCC java script, and very less Java programming).
I didnt know what to do so i started with some Java and learnt Selenium did some google written the code and finally submitted my task.
I dont know will i be selected as i didnt cover as per their expectation, but tried learnt worked almost 30-40 hours on that task and done just today.

My Point here is please keeping coding and learning, FCC is really great place, because i was previously working on FCC, it was quick to understand the JAVA, not expert but some what.

Right now i am not worried of selecting in that job, but that really helped me to measure my abilities.
Need to be back on my FCC projects.



Way to step up and take charge of your self-learning and your coding path! ell done!