About a year ago

About a year ago, I was here in your shoes… Fighting through the algorithm challenges, getting frustrated, having sore eyes from staring at the screen for so long… In fact, I remember 14 hour days of coding. Yes, 14 hours.

Came on the forums, got some help, helped a few others out… Went to the chatroom, thought to myself “holy shit this is a giant clusterfuck.” Yeah, I’ve been there.

Well guess what? I’m now sitting here working with C, x86-64 assembly, C++, and even cryptography. Will freeCodeCamp teach you all that? Hell no. But guess what’s required to succeed in this industry? It’s not people handing you stuff, it’s not pieces of paper, it’s not which editor you use, and it’s not what language you choose… It’s how much you want it and how much work you’re willing to put in. For me it was 10-14 hrs a day, 7 days a week for an entire year. I read about 20-30 books ranging in pages from 400-1500, I watched tons of videos, I took online courses, and I coded… And coded… And coded… And coded. I calculated that I spent more time studying in 1 year than an average person in a 4 year degree program, based off of class and homework time And I’m still healthy because I would take a gym break for an hour or two a day and still see my girlfriend on the weekends. She’d go to bed at 10 and I’d stay up until 3am coding and studying. Could I have gotten a job sooner? Hell yes. But I wanted a job that I really loved… One where I could do meaningful work and one where I got to get down and dirty with the computer.

Well, guess what? Now I work full-time in a dream job that I love, from home.
All I want to say is, if you really want to do this, don’t give up. And for fucks sake, don’t do it for the money… Do it because you love it.

Take care fellow campers.