About:blank embeding

I’m working on a website and I want to know how to embed an iframe into an about:blank tab. For example, when someone clicks on my website. They are redirected to a about:blank tab that has my website in an iframe.

Can someone help me with this? I’ve been looking on stack overflow and Google and this is my last hope (except for youtube)!

about:blank is a special page built into the web browser that displays when you don’t have a default home page specified for when you open a new tab. You can’t put anything on that page.

Why would someone click on your website to go to the same website? Please try to explain your intention from the users perspective.

I don’t understand the use case either. The way you describe it just makes it sound sketchy.

I’ve seen websites do this. For example, https://www.iframe-generator.com/. When you put all your settings in and click Preview. It opens a about:blank tab with your iframe in it. I was wondering how to do that.

You can append to the what window.open() returns.

But it doesn’t work in Firefox out of the box (clickjacking protection support.mozilla).

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