About Data Analysis

Hello Guys
I have been looking to in for Data Analysis but one of my friends told me i would not get a job if i don’t have a Bachelor Degree in data analysis or have a university background. Right now i don’t have any certification on Data Analysis and i wish to go in for one.
Any idea or advise?

I don’t think anyone on freeCodeCamp is going to know the answer to this. I would do research like this:

Find companies that hire data analysts and look them up on LinkedIn
Find the hiring managers for those jobs or companies and connect with them and ask them if they ever, or would consider, hiring junior data analysts with certifications but no degree.

I would suspect that it might be more difficult but not necessarily out of the question, if demand is high.

You can also look up alumni of specific certifications or bootcamps and see where they ended up working. Every cert or bootcamp usually has testimonials from grads who got jobs.

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