About domain under mailchimp

To create a new signup form under mailchimp dashboard I got a message like:
To set up your signup form, verify you have access to an email address at mysite_pages.com.

mysite_pages.com - that is domain I entered during registration, nowI need to modify it.
Where can I change it? I searched it under https://us7.admin.mailchimp.com/account/details/
but did not find…

also during registration I registered myself with public email service, like
myaccount@public-email-service.com, but I want to install my application on live server under
other domain, like my-apps.de, which I created using service https://my.freenom.com

I wonder is that a problem that my register email and application domain are under different domain.
How can I fix it?

Now I have mailchimp free account which has only 1 Seat - I want to upgrade it later when my site is ready to run.


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