About freeCodeCamp Radio

I’ve been listening to freeCodeCamp Radio and totally love it. I just wanted to know if there’s anyway we could get all the list of songs it plays? I’d really love to have a collection of those songs as playing it on YouTube is difficult and also i cant minimise it on my phone as well.

In chrome after sometime the chrome freezes and that i don’t want. I’d just love to have the list of songs it plays.
so if anyone could help me with that, it’d be much appreciated.

PS:- As i’m from india, we don’t have spotify here so if you guys can just suggest or provide me the playlist then it’d suffice


Although its not a list of the songs, the description on the stream has :

Support the musicians by buying some of their albums:
Trebles and Blues: https://treblesandbluesmusic.com
Marcus D: http://marcusd.net
tkdwn: https://tkdwn.bandcamp.com
Nefarious!: https://www.nefarious.studio
No Alias: https://n0alias.bandcamp.com/
Sinitus Tempo: https://sinitustempo.bandcamp.com/
jinsang: https://jinsangbeats.bandcamp.com/